Thank you for your interest in my 7-Day Virtual Program!

Throughout this program, your child will not only learn the basics of Shaolin Kenpo but also develop important skills such as self-discipline, focus, and confidence building.

This virtual experience will engage children ages 3-12 with fun and interactive videos, giving the full dojo experience with me in the comfort of their own homes.

The program is broken down so your child can participate in one video a day. It also includes a document with bonus exercises for the students to practice and hone the skills taught by me throughout the videos.

I am a two time world champion who has been teaching Shaolin Kenpo and Taekwondo for over 25 years to children of all ages and learning capacities. It has always been my dream to reach as many children as possible with the invaluable lessons I have learned through the practice of martial arts. The children I have taught have faced many struggles, including bullying, issues with self-esteem and self-image, lack of exercise, and difficulty focusing. Through the discipline of martial arts I know I can help your children in all of these areas and mold them to be the absolute best they can be.

This 7 Day Virtual Program includes:

  • 7 FUN and INTERACTIVE martial arts videos with Sensei Matt Babine
  • Supplementary practice exercises that  will ENGAGE your child for hours
  • Watch your child grow in CONFIDENCE  and FOCUS
  • First video series of our progressive belt system 
  • Program is yours for LIFE for just $49.99!